Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keep Your iPhone and Get Our Plan

iPhone 3G "B.Y.O.P" Program is Not Available at Walmart

If You Own a  "3g iphone 4" Or a iPhone3gs on a AT&T Network and your paying a two year contract you are looking a bill of over $3,000. So the question is are you willing to pay the cancellation fee that would give you a savings over $1,700! Would that be worth it?When You Can Put Your "3g iphone 4"  on a prepaid service for $45 a Month that gives you Unlimited Talk Text and Data no throttles or caps on your data.Here's a detailed list of the  "3g iphone 4 plans available from AT&T-Unlimited Data Plan: $30 per month This is a requirement; AT&T does not offer another data plan for the iPhone 3G.

A physically smaller SIM card. Found in newer models like the IPhone 4.

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